Apple launches iPhone 13 with more battery; know prices in Brazil

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Apple launches iPhone 13 with more battery; know prices in Brazil

By AngoHost

Apple launches iPhone 13 with more battery;  know prices in Brazil

The Apple announced this afternoon the new cell line iPhone 13 for prices ranging between R $ 6,599 and R $ 10,499 in Brazil. This time the battery lasts at least 1.5 hours longer than in the previous generation and the camera system is aligned in a differentiated way, which should catch the attention of consumers. Four years after the arrival of the iPhone X , the brand's first notch device, the screen clipping was finally reduced.

Check prices in Brazil:

         iPhone 13: R$ 7.599

  • iPhone 13 Mini: R$ 6.599
  • iPhone 13 Pro: R$ 9.499
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: R$ 10.499


Check out the iPhone 13 launch

Check out the iPhone 13 launch

The new versions of Apple Watch, iPad and iPad Mini were also made official. The company took the opportunity to reduce the price of the iPhone 12 in Brazil, with a drop that reaches R$ 1,500, and to reveal the iOS 15 release date .


iPhone 13 (R$ 7.599) e iPhone 13 Mini (R$ 6.599)


The iPhone 13 Colors — Photo: Playback/Apple

The iPhone 13 Colors

Cinematic Mode on iPhone — Photo: Press/Apple

Cinematic Mode on iPhone 

iPhone Cinematic Mode — Photo: Press/Apple

iPhone Cinematic Mode

The new iPhone 13 brings a new processor called A15 Bionic, with six cores – two dedicated to high performance and four focused on energy efficiency. The neural engine has been improved to integrate Artificial Intelligence features. From what the manufacturer explained, its greatest use will be in applications capable of performing calculations in real time.

This processor helps to optimize the battery, which is physically larger in new devices. Apple released the following numbers on advances in this regard - however, without detailing the form of calculation:


  • iPhone 13 Mini: 1.5 hours more than iPhone 12 Mini
  • iPhone 13: 2.5 hours more than iPhone 12, with promise of a day away from the power outlet


The 6.1-inch screens on the iPhone 13 and the 5.4-inch screen on the iPhone 13 Mini are maintained. The colors are as follows: pink, blue, midnight (moss green), stellar (light grey) and RED (red).

Storage now starts at 128GB, up from 64GB a generation ago. Prices vary according to the space, which reaches 256 GB and 512 GB.


iPhone 13 Pro (R$ 9.499) e iPhone 13 Pro Max (R$ 10.499)


iPhone 13 Pro — Photo: Playback/Apple

iPhone 13 Pro 

Products aimed at professionals, Apple Pro phones now feature a 120 Hz screen and adaptive technology . The feature has become common on Android smartphones, especially those aimed at gamers. In practice, it is an indication of greater fluidity in the graphical elements of the iOS system and in games. Apple calls the technology, which is present in some iPad Pros, ProMotion.

Both feature ProRes technology, which allows lossless video compression and supports 5K content. Another new camera feature is macro shots, where object details are captured very closely.

Screen sizes remain unchanged: 6.1 inches on iPhone 13 Pro and 6.7 inches on iPhone 13 Pro Max, in both cases with OLED panel.

Apple reaffirmed the promise of longer lasting batteries:


  • iPhone 13 Pro: 1.5 hours more than iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 2.5 hours more than iPhone 12 Pro Max


The Pro Max edition for the first time reaches 1TB of storage. To do so, consumers will have to pay R$ 15,499. The colors are sierra blue, silver, gold and graphite.


All iPhones



  • IP68 protection that allows you to enter the water and keep the smartphone submerged up to 6 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Ceramic Shield protection on the screen, against scratches and scratches.
  • Sapphire crystal lenses.
  • Face ID: facial biometric reader.



iPad 2021 (US$ 329)


The iPad 2021 was announced by Apple with a more powerful processor, the A13 Bionic. The promise is 20% more performance in all aspects – general computing, computer graphics and neural engine, as the company calls the Artificial Intelligence built into the device.