How important is domain registration?

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The registration of a domain on the Internet is essential for the digital presence of your brand, regardless of the size of the company, it is through this address that allows access to the entire website and e-mails of the company.

Often the company does not give importance to the domain itself or in other cases even the domain itself, but prefers to disclose the oldest email @ gmail.com, @ hotmail.com, or @ yahoo.com because it is better known to the public, it does not sense, maybe due to lack of information, you let an email be released that can add more value to your company's image.


Value your brand

It is possible to keep the most popular email active, either because of the knowledge of customers or because it can store large amounts of information. Know that professional emails with the domain itself can redirect all incoming messages to that old email so used, as well as it is possible to redirect all old emails to the new address.

Why use an email address and advertise another company's brand and not your own brand. Realize that when you use something like @ gmail.com. or @ yahoo.com is promoting the brand of these service providers when it could promote the brand itself. When your company uses its own email (email1@suaempresa.com.br, email2@suaempresa.ao email3@suaempresa.co.ao or as many others as you need) all recipients of these messages know that you have a domain and that you may also have a website and there will be all the information your customers need to know more about your products and services.

More than that, it is your brand accessible to all users with internet access. This user will reach your page through this address www.suaempresa.com.br or any other suffix.

Domain register

The domain registration process is simple, it costs little and, contrary to what many think, there is no need to own or build a website for this. However, it is of fundamental importance to prioritize the construction of the company's digital presence, starting as soon as possible, to prevent the competition from advancing on its customers by offering products and services through the internet and the digital marketing increasingly used today by companies. to achieve their goals.

See the order in which the domain registration process can follow until you conquer your space and authority with a strong digital presence.

AngoHost Registration
Check your account, fill in all necessary information until the billing address .;
Click on control panel.
Click Domains, check if it is available and follow the instructions on the screen to request.
After registration it is already possible to think about building the company's website, or at least a presentation page so as not to leave your customers unanswered when they access your domain looking for more information about your company.

If you think your company's digital presence is not what you would like we can help you with the domain registration process.