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DomainNameAPI.com ( Atak Domain Iana: 1601) is an ICANN Accredited domains registrar based in Turkey providing Turkish TLDs .tr (.com.trgen.trorg.trbiz.trinfo.trname.trweb.trtv.trav.trnet.tr, etc.) and we are looking for a Registrar - that provides API integration - that is interested in offering new TLDs to their Customers and Partners.

Turkey (.tr domains) is ranked 29th with 400.000+ registered domains.

We offer the most competitive prices.

We are also partners with NIC.ps (Palestine), NIC.ge (Georgia), and NIC.mw (Malawi) registries.

Please let me know if you are interested in a partnership opportunity to provide 800+, especially Turkish, Georgian, Malawian, and Palestinian domains i.e. .tr, .ps, com.ps, .mw, co.mw, .ge, com.ge, to your Customers, Partners, and Resellers.

You can find additional information regarding resellership below:

As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, this is what we provide to the network of Resellers.

The advantages of DNA Reseller Program

  • Free Reseller Activation
  • Rich variety of APIs such as .Net, PHP, and WHMCS
  • The Most Competitive Prices in the Market; .com as low as $8.15. (In the discounted offers, as low as 5.99$) You can switch between slabs according to the deposit amount or the number of domains you have.
  • Premium Domain Support in All APIs
  • Equipped with the Latest Technology, and Robust & Secure Domain Registration Infrastructure
  • Downloadable Versions of WHMCS Domain Integration for Free from the Resellers Panel.
  • Multi-language Resellers Panel and Website
  • More than 5000 Domain Resellers Active in 145+ Countries
  • Sub-reseller Service Support
  • Free WHOIS Protection Service

Registration and Transfer Conditions

Registration and transfer prices of .com and .net domains based on reseller type are 8.49$ to 8.30$ and 8.15$. (More deposit, more discount!)

Switching Slabs in the Domain Reseller System

1) According to the number of domains:

  • Reseller (for users who have 1-100 domains), Premium (for users who have 101-1000 domains), Platinum (for users who have 1000+ domains)
  • 2) According to the amount deposited:
  • Once you deposit $1000 or the equivalent TL, you can purchase domains as a Platinum Reseller. When you deposit $500 or the equivalent TL, you can purchase domains as a Premium Reseller.

Are there any Rebate Programs?

By depositing $1,000 to your account, your membership will start as a Platinum Reseller, in which you can enjoy .com registration $8.15, .net registrations at $8.49 - .com transfers $8.15 and .net transfers at $8.49.

By depositing $5,000 to your account, you can enjoy .com registration at $7.99, .net registrations at $8.15 - .com transfers at $8.15 and .net transfers at $8.20.

By depositing $10,000 to your account, you can enjoy .com registration at $6.99, .net registrations at $7.99 - .com transfers at $8.15 and .net transfers at $8.20.

By depositing $15,000 to your account, you can enjoy .com registration $5.99, .net registrations at $6.99 - .com transfers $8.15 and .net transfers at $8.20.

All the prices are valid until 2021.