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AngoHost  is an Angolan domain registration provider, giving us the authorization to register national and international domains. Any and all registrations are made only after payment has been cleared. However, in this period of contracting until payment, it may happen that another individual or provider registers the domain in advance before we complete our registration process. For domains The national domain with the extension .ao .co.ao can be registered by anyone, it has no registration requirement, we request the NIF or BI number, if the domain name points to an institution we request a copy of the Alvará commercial, to prove that you are the owner of the brand. Other domains (.ed.ao, .gv.ao, .og.ao, .pb.ao, .ao) require submission of a copy of the republic's journal and prior approval. They are intended only for national institutions.

It is not possible to register .AO .CO.AO domains with irregular NIF or BI and/or linked to another provider in the registry. TO. AngoHost Internacional is committed to fully refunding or even changing the domain if this occurs, but it is not possible to register the same domain if it has already been registered previously and has another owner.
If the domain is suspended for not renewing the domain within a reasonable period, we are not responsible for loss/damage or even the deletion of the domain.



When creating an account with us, you choose whether you are an individual or a company, you are asked to provide accurate personal data. Accurate personal details mean that you must fill in all fields on the form with your Real and Full Name, Last Name and your full address from where you carry out your business activity. If you already have an account with us, you should not open another account. Accounts are unique and we do not allow multiple accounts for the same customer or company.

opening an account

Consider the following little rules to get an account with us:

  • Accounts are unique. We do not allow more than one account per company or customer.
    All fields are mandatory and accurate details must be provided including phone number and all mailing addresses. PO Box addresses are not accepted.
    The First and Last Name fields must be filled in correctly with your full First and Last Name. Company names are not allowed in the First and Last Name fields.
    The registration email address must be a valid and active email address. It cannot be an email address that is not valid, use an email you have access to. Do not use the email address that does not exist or any other system email address you have configured to send autoresponders, as this will be detected as a bounce and your account email address will be flagged as unverified again.
    You need to check your email after signing up with your phone. you need to verify your email and phone number, ANGOHOST INTERNACIONAL will send you a verification code for both ways.
    We do not allow registration through openproxy, anonymous proxy, vpn connections or dedicated servers. You need to sign up at your location using your direct internet access.
    Please be aware that violation of this policy may result in deletion of the pending order and account closure without notice. If we are unable to verify the details provided, we reserve the right to request verification of domain ownership as well as any other document to verify the personal or company details provided.

Closing an account
Accounts will be automatically closed under the following circumstances:

Accounts with no active products/services for more than 10 days
Accounts with unverified email address for more than 3 months
Violation of any of the policies in our Terms of Service
All services not paid within 30 days, the server performs the definitive deletion of the content. AngoHost will not be responsible for the data. the customer has a mitigation during the 30 days.

AngoHost is NOT responsible for files and/or other data stored in your account. The plan does not give you any guarantees of recovering lost information arising from any eventuality: use it at your own risk. The customer must agree to assume full responsibility for the files contained on our servers, as well as maintain their own backup copies off the server.
AngoHost maintains a backup routine for plans hosted on shared servers as a courtesy. The backup content is overwritten every week and there is also a monthly backup. If the customer needs to restore any backup, we charge a fee of  20 Euro  for this procedure. This procedure is not guaranteed, the customer must agree to keep his own backup in a safe place.
AngoHost does not maintain any type of backup on dedicated servers and VPS. This responsibility lies with the customer.