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ANGOHOST is committed to facilitating the migration of your website to your new hosting account. We can transfer website files, databases, scripts, domain administration and emails (in this case, only from cPanel to cPanel).

1. When can I do a Free Migration

AngoHost offers free migration to accounts purchased less than 30 days ago. The courtesy is valid only for the first migration order and also for accounts that have just undergone a change of plan, for example, when migrating from a Reseller to a Dedicated Server.

Remember: if you request the migration after 30 days of contracting the plan or are requesting a new migration after the completion of the first transfer, the courtesy will not be valid and will have a cost for the migration. Contact our support and ask for a migration quote.

2. Migration information between plans

If you already have a plan with us and are requesting a migration to a new one, you must contract this new plan and keep both active until the migration is completed. After completing the migration, and confirming that everything is working properly, you can end the old plan if you are no longer interested in maintaining it.

Important: we do not convert a Website Hosting plan into a Reseller plan for free. If you have multiple domains in your hosting, you will need to divide them into Reseller on your own, or request a quote from our migration team.

Também não realizamos a migração de domínios adicionais em planos compartilhados. A migração é feita através do backup completo da conta, que é transferido entre os servidores para que o cliente realize os ajustes necessários.

3. Free Migration Conditions

The conditions for free website migration differ by the size of your account and the type of account you have. The free migration will be carried out on accounts of up to 5GB of files, e-mails, database and others that make up the structure of the website hosting.

Above 5GB it will be necessary to make a budget with the migration team.

Check the limitations in the table below:

AngoHost plans Maximum No. of cpanel / cPanel Migrations Maximum No. of Manual Migrations
Shares 01 01
Reseller 30 10
VPS 30 10
Dedicated Linux 50 10
Dedicated Windows - 10

Lembre-se: em qualquer situação, é importante que as migrações sejam solicitadas de uma única vez.

Clientes com necessidades acima deste limite devem solicitar um orçamento diretamente para a equipe de migração.

Atenção: nossa equipe de suporte não realiza migrações com caráter de downgrade, nesses casos é preciso que o cliente realize sua própria migração.

4. Deadline to conclusion

We have not set a deadline for the completion of migrations, as there are several external factors that can interfere in the process. This includes: limitations on the origin server, problems with incomplete or incorrect information, among others.

Either way, our team is qualified and trained to carry out all migrations in a clear and quality manner. We strive to complete the procedure as quickly as possible and effectively.

5. Post-Migration

It is very important that you verify your data after migration and carefully follow the DNS change instructions once the migration is complete.

Our team will perform routine checks, but will need your help to complete the migration.

6. Restore from Self Backup

If you have your own backup, be it database or files, our team can restore them for free. Just open a ticket with our advanced technical support requesting data restoration. Remember that the data or backup needs to be in your hosting, for that you must send them via FTP.

AngoHost reserves the right to revise its service policies at any time, with or without notice.